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Supplier and Distributor of Halal Products since 2014

In 2013 we set ourselves a new commercial challenge, deciding to start out on a new path as manufacturers and suppliers of Halal products to satisfy the needs of our Halal distributors.

After managing to position our brand, Malvasía, as one of the brands of reference within the sector in the national market, and establishing ourselves in international markets such as Europe, Latin America and Asia, we considered ourselves prepared to continue expanding and diversifying destinations.

For this reason, we took a step further in our commercial activity, and opted for the Halal market, a great opportunity due to being an expanding market with a promising future in both the domestic market and in Muslim majority countries.

In 2013 we started the Halal certification process to be able to access this market and thereby fulfil the demands of our Halal product distributors, and thereby, those of Halal consumers.

During this Halal certification process, both the establishment and the products are subjected to audits, monitoring and analysis, as well as other supervision and control mechanisms.

The Halal certification is established as a trusted tool by which the competent certifying company guarantees the full traceability of the food chain, including the verification of ingredients, the production process, hygiene, handling, packaging materials, storage, transport and distribution by Malvasía.

Since 2014, when we were granted this certification, we have always been committed to complying with all requirements established by Islamic law, and are aware of the importance of rigorously following all established processes for slaughter, production and preparation.

  • Training and raising awareness of personnel regarding Halal production.
  • Commitment to the Halal concept, and compliance with the requirements established by the certifying entity and regulations governing use of the Halal Guarantee Mark of the Islamic Board.
  • Control of the slaughter process, as well as total control of the production, processing and/or handling process.
  • Halal quality system with rigorous control of records and documentation.

GSO Halal Certification

We also have the GSO Halal Certification issued by the Halal Institute, a certification entity accredited by the United Arab Emirates (EIAC), under regulation GSO 2055-2, which allows us to export our Halal products to all member countries of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (CCASG/GCC/ مجلس التعاون الخليجي)

Halal Products

All our products can be produced following the Halal ritual.
The production of Halal products requires processes which are different from usual, and are therefore usually produced upon request.
If you are interested, we recommend that you contact us to find out about product availability, necessary conditions and delivery periods.

Halal Foie Gras

This is a piece selected after a first classification carried out after evisceration, and characterised by a uniform colour and a firm texture.

It is important to highlight that it is only considered Extra if it weighs between 450g and 600g.

From this same piece we prepare the deveined foie gras, and also the cutlets, for which only the large lobe is portioned.

Halal Duck Magret

The breast meat of ducks which have been bred following traditional criteria is called magret; they are fed corn and bred on outdoor farms.

What makes the difference between magret and traditional breast meat is that foie gras has been obtained from the same birds.

Halal Duck Confit

This is the meat from the fattened duck which has already been cooked: duck thighs, duck wings and duck gizzards. The selected meat is prepared following traditional preservation methods, with hours of slow cooking in its own fat, giving the confit duck a unique flavour and texture, the meat being very tender and juicy.

Halal Foie Gras based preparations

In the European Union, there is legislation regulating all names of foie gras based preparations that are commercialised. Only three preparations receive the name Foie Gras: Whole Foie Gras, when the product is formed by one or several lobes; Bloc of Foie Gras when it is reconstituted by mechanical means; and Bloc of Foie Gras with Bits when pieces of foie gras lobe are also added.

In addition to these names and depending on the percentage of foie gras, there are other preparations in the form of an emulsion such as Foie Gras Parfait and Foie Gras Mousse.

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