Quality duck meat

To talk about “high expression” in the food sector means to speak not only to develop a great product; it also means a warranty in production processes, control, security, commitment and rigor.

Quality, food safety and the environment

From the year 2000, with the development of the White Paper on Food Safety, it has been implemented throughout the European Union a concept of integrating food safety from primary production to the placing on the food market (from farm to fork). Quality, Food Safety and the Environment Policy.

Quality certification

The management of Canard, S.A. is aware that the Quality Management combined with high productivity, is one of the main tools to improve their competitiveness; Canard, S.A. has implemented a Quality Management System based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9000 reflecting its Quality, Food Safety and Environment Policy. This is a reliable and internationally recognized system.

Tierra de Sabor

The Agricultural Technological Institute of Castilla and León has granted the company Canard, S.A. the use of the certification mark “TIERRA DE SABOR ” by linking the manufactured products with the territory of Castilla and Leon and the differential characteristics presented compared to other products in its category.

Halal Institute of Spain

Certification Warranty Halal is the tool that has launched the Halal Institute to ensure that products and services for Muslims meet the requirements of Islamic law and therefore are suitable for use in the field of Spain, the EU and the countries of Muslim majority.

Canard, S.A, a founding member

Our company is a founding member of ASEHGRA, one of the organizations representing companies in the production, processing and marketing of web-footed fats (duck and goose for foie gras), in turn, is part of the Spanish Agrifood Interprofessional Association, INTERPALM.

Premio “Tomas Pascual Sanz” award

Canard, S.A. was awarded the “Tomás Pascual Sanz” Prize, granted by the Government of Castilla y León Region, which is aimed at rewarding the processing industry of agricultural products incorporate a new production process or to improve existing in Castilla y León, and thereby obtain quality products or differentiated on the market.

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